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2017 Lunar Calendar


////// 2017 Lunar Calendar ////// drawn and designed by Vanessa Adams, screenprinted with Jesse Purcell at Repetitive Press.

Inspired by the geometry, symbols, and symmetry of tarot cards, this moon phase calendar was drawn by hand, and features a vintage image of the moon. The full moon radiates from the center of the poster, surrounded by galaxies, and the calendar year with the full moons, new moons, and quarter moons labeled. For each month, the moons phases orbit clockwise . Beautiful as an art piece and useful for tracking the progress of the moon each month.

This calendar is designed and printed with care and intention, and will look beautiful far past 2017. It is square, 19.5" x 19.5", with a slim border, and looks lovely framed or unframed. I signed each one in the bottom right corner.

I printed this poster in black and gold screen printing ink on silver paper that has a subtle shimmer. There are slight variations print to print.

I ship this poster by First Class mail in a sturdy shipping tube. Each poster is wrapped in a protective layer of paper so it will mail safely.

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